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It all started when my father was a so called “war child” in Sweden during war time in summers 1942 –1947. Since 1951 my parents often visited the same family and they had Afghans.

We spent summer holidays with that family in the early 60´s and when our family, my parents and my two elder brothers, decided to have a dog of our own there was no question about the race.
It was an Afghan!

So Fin Ch Al Faraz Kafur ”Kafu” ( Int Ch Panameric of Stormhill - Moondaisy of Moonswift) came to live with us in 1968.
With Kafu we started to take an interest in dog shows as well as races.

Kafu became a Finnish Champion and after a couple of years we were ready to have our second Afghan. At that time there was a mating between “the showstars” Int Ch Del Flamante Rashik and Int Ch Del FlamanteTiara, who we admired alot and in 1972 Fin Ch Del Flamante Carasuchia ” Cara” became our newest family member. Cara became a Finnish Champion and also won a few Cacib’s. Cara is also our foundation bitch.

Before the possible decision to breed Cara, my parents wanted to expand their views about Afghans, so they visited many breeders in e.g. Sweden, Germany, Holland, England and America. At that time they also met two legendary persons, Mrs Eta Pauptit, van der Oranje Manege, and Mrs Sunny Shay, Grandeur.They both were already finising their breedings, but it was very interesting to hear their opinions about the breed, especially since they were the representatives of a totally different type of Afghans.

We bred our first litter in 1978, dam was Cara and sire was a German Int & Multi Ch Sirokko von Katwiga, who was living in Sweden at that time with Mrs Birgitha Runmaker.

Since then we have only bred 9 litters up till now with 36 Champions. We have also bred among other things the first two triple champions (Show, Racing, Coursing) in Finland.

At this moment we have at home the following Scaramises
Ch Silk Stockings ”Bette”, Ch Primrose Path “ Mimi”, Int & Multi Ch Hot Gossip ”Kevin”, Ch Hit´n Run ”Huuppa”, Ch Hubble-Bubble ”Lillan” and Ch Betty Boop, ”Bebe”. My parents live in the city of Helsinki with Mimi and we live with my husband about half an hour from Helsinki in a house with fenced yards for dogs. Our dogs live with us as family members, we don´t have any kennel facilities.

The most important thing about Afghans to us is the phrase
”The king of the dogs” The proud Afghan, who is full of himself, has a beautiful head with piercing expression, moves with ground covering springy gate are the requirements for the ideal Afghan.

We have been extremely lucky with the owners of Scaramis Afghans.
Without their devotion and belief in their Afghans we would not have had all the success that we have today. So we would like to thank them sincerely for that!

During these years with Afghans, we have learned to know many interesting people around the world, and become good friends with many of them. Thanks to these friendships we have been able to learn a lot about this wonderful breed, because we truly think, that there is always something more to learn about Afghans.....


Scaramis Champions:
  • Nord Ch Scaramis Mocador
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Melisma
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Famoso
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Formula
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Festoso
  • Nord Ch Scaramis Fantasia
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Caruso
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Capitano
  • BIS Int N Fin Est Ch
    Scaramis Carole
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Carmina
  • Multi Bis & Multi SBIS
    Int Fin S N Est Ch
    Scaramis Da Capo
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Donatello
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Del Monte
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Donna Madonna
  • SBIS, Int Fin S N Dk Est
    Scaramis Secret Agent
  • Fin S Ch Scaramis Solid Gold
  • Fin Ch Field Ch
    Scaramis Simply Red
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Silk Stockings
  • Fin Field Ch
    Scaramis Stunning Red Head
  • Int Fin Rus Lt Ltu Ch
    Field Ch Racing Ch
    Baltw-99, Lvv-03,
    SM-96, DV-96, JK-96 
    Scaramis Shining Sandy
  • SBIS Int Fin S Dk Est Ch
    EuJw-97, KbhJw-97, Nordw-99
    Scaramis Private Detective
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Pardon Me Boys
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Primrose Path
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Pin Up Girl
  • Fin Est, Estw-02 Ch
    Scaramis Here’N There
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Hit’n Run
  • Fin S N Ch
    Scaramis Hop-‘O-My-Thumb
  • SBIS Int Fin N S Est Ch
    Nordv- 01 BaltW-03
    Hot Gossip
  • Int Fin Est Lv Ch Scaramis Haute Couture
  • Multi SBIS
    Int Fin N S Est Ch
    Scaramis Head Over Heels
  • Fin N S Lv Nord Ch
    Scaramis Hello Dolly
  • Fin N S Est (Nord) Ch Fin S Field Ch Racing Ch,
    DV-02, DVM-02, CVM-03, NordW-03,
    SM-03, CVM-04, TS-04, VMR-05, VMM-05,

    Scaramis Help Me Rhonda
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Hubble-Bubble
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Betty Boop
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Blame It On Me
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Boogie Man
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Icing On The Cake
  • Fin Ch Scaramis In Your Dreams
  • Fin Ch Scaramis Be My Guest



Some Scaramis facts:
  • Breeder of the year
    1995, 1997, 2001
  • Afghan of the year
    1994, 1996, 1997, 1998
  • Best Afghan Male of the year
    1993, 1995, 1999, 2000
  • Best Veteran of the year
    1999, 2000, 2002
  • 4*BIS, 1*BOS in Finnish National Specialty (Sa-fa)
    1994, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2002
  • BOS in prestigeous Skokloster

  • Beautiful Courser of the year
    1995, 1996, 1997, 2001
  • Best Utilty Afghan of the year
    1996, 1998, 1999
  • Track Racing Afghan of the year
  • Active Afghan of the year
    1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
  • Derby Winner in track racing
    1996, 2002
  • Derby Winner coursing
  • Finnish Championship in track racing
    1996, 1997, 2003
  • Nordic Championships
    1999, 2003


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